Boost Your Self Esteem, Date a Blind Person

A little watermelon pink paint, some orange and white crafting paper, a little bit o' modge podge and my cane has been stylified for the big day (pic coming soon-ish)..
In case you didn't  know...I'm getting married in four days! Woah! :)

Ok, so yes, I am lucky enough to have found love. But I just have to say all the single ladies (& men) beware, there are some sketchy/stupid/arss hole-ish men/women out there.

This question was posed on a popular social website:

"Would you date a blind chick/dude?"

Check out these answers people, you won't be disappointed...well actually you'll be really disappointed but you'll like it, that's what I'm tryin' to say...

Victor A. says:

"their sense of smell and hearing would make it impossible to get away with anything. I bet none of you thought of that one did you?"

Amy "Sassypants" H. says:

"At least I would know that he didn't have a wandering eye."

Vaughn "doublewhiskeycokenoice" C. says:

"I dated a mostly deaf person, so why not blind? The thing is, a deaf person can read your lips while a blind person couldn't see the faces you're making at them."

Miguel "the Coach" R. says:

"Excuse my ignorance, but can a blind woman put on her own makeup? See, if a girl dates a blind guy, we don't have to get all "pretty", just do our hair (by touch) and that it. So i think i would be easier for a girl to date a blind guy. If the girl was blind, how does she know what outfit to wear, what looks sexy and good, etc.?"

Kathleen "The Doctor" P. says:

"No I wouldn't. Simply because I would get stuck driving all the time....unless he was rich and had his own limo and driver ;)"

Jay "Likes ice cream" W. says:

"Sure. If that guy from the movie Mask could date a hot, blind Laura Dern, maybe I'd be out with someone now instead of sitting here. I think dating a blind person could boost most people's self esteem."

Don't you all feel so enlightened???

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