Gangster Quilter???

So some have been wondering... What the crap does GQ stand for?

Some guesses have been:
Glorious Quasadillia
Gorgeous Quaker
Giant Q-tip

All great guesses but I'm about to tell you have it really came to be...

GQ is actually a magazine called Gentleman's Quarterly...

When I first met my fiance, who's real name is Lucas, he totally reminded me of a hot guys you'd see on the cover of GQ magazine...

So that's where the nickname comes from, he's had the nickname (whether he likes it or not) since we met!

Fun Story About the Nickname...

Lucas and I were in Utah a year or so ago. He decided to take me on my dream date which was a hot air balloon ride through the Utah Mountains. As we were boarding the balloon this woman in our group says to Lucas, "Come on! Hurry it up GQ!" My jaw dropped to the ground, seriously, I have never actually called him GQ in public so she certainly didn't hear it from me!

So I took it as a sign that GQ should indeed be his nickname. He has never told me he hates the nickname and he's never told me he loves it, but I'd call him it anyway!

Now you know where it came from...although it was fun to have people guess for a while.

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