Too Much of a Cost...

I have mentioned this story on my blog before, but this is a well-written article that explains the injustice of this sweet baby girl being taken away from her parents, on ONLY the ground that both are blind.

I'm scared! Knowing that this could happen to me someday.

I can't imagine a deeper pain than having your child taken from you.

There is so much work to do!



Perfect in Imperfection said...

This is the stuff of my nightmares! Thank you for sharing.

Melanie Peskoe said...

I heard about this story when it was happening, but I didn't hear the entire story till I read about it in the Braille Monitor the other day. It left me speechless and angry. I cannot believe that in 2010 this type of situation is still a real threat. It really reminds me why it's so important to be involved with the NFB. There is still much work to be done.