What's in a Name?

Dear Dad,

I betcha you're dying to know the meaning behind my Blog name... (this is Day 2 of my little survey).

I have had troubles with this particular blog and establishing a name for it. I guess kind of like me when you and mom were going to name me Debbie Dawn and then changed your minds (good choice). 

As for this blog, I think the poor thing is having an identity crisis. I suppose as my life has made some drastic turns, so has my poor blog.
The current title, "Glitter Pink Sneakers and Notes in Orange Balloons" (is a super long name but will do for now) does have meaning behind it.

The Glitter Pink Sneakers section of my blog name comes from my favorite pair of shoes, yep they're pink sneakers with a crap ton of glitter.  I also like it's initials which equal GPS, I'm very much an adventurer but will a bit a style so I like it!

The notes in orange balloons is a new addition. Dad you know this already, I like to write you notes and send em' up in orange balloons. There's something so child-like and comforting in a balloon. It's a tradition I hope to keep up for a very long time.

So the title is a little of me and a little inspiration to write more. When I'm writing to you dad I find what I say a tiny bit more purposeful.

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