Dear Dad...

Dear Dad,

I am really quite crappy at keeping this blog up! It's not that big o' deal but I do need some way to remember that I have been doing something with my life. I am the most forgettful person alive, well at my age at least. Not sure who I got this from but I got it. What was I saying? Oh, yes, so in an attempt to give this blog one last shock to the heart. I am deciding to write as though I'm writing to you daddy (hence the new banner and new title and new sidebar accessories--which I'm sure most people care a ton about)! Don't you feel special! :) Well, you are and I miss you and am I was sad for a bit on Saturday as it makes 4 years since you went home. Yep, still miss you like crazy! Thanks for the blog inspiration dad!



P.S. The Steelers are ranked number ONE! Good work!

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