Sneakers to Wed: Our Gifts

Yep. Wedding planning is pretty much making my head want to explode.
I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaally do not want to be stressed at all over wedding planning because frankly, I'm just so excited to marry this guy! Yet, there is still a wedding to plan...

GQ and I recently discussed the "Gift Situation", that means we talked about people giving us gifts! The best part of the wedding, right!?! We've both been married before, not to each other though. So we feel a little odd about asking people to bring us yet another wedding gift. I can hear it now, "Seriously how many time is she/he going to get married?" None more times would be my answer.

So we thought about what we could do...

1. Have people donate money to send us an extravagent honeymoon to a remote bungalow on the beaches of Fiji where we could sip Pina Coladas and get sweet, hot tans!


2. Have people give us money to buy one of these...

I'm DYING to get a tandem bike.

3. Give me use money so I we can go on a crazy, wild shopping spree for shoes like this...

(wiping drool)

However, while all of this sounds lovely, we have another idea.

We are going to raise money for a cause that we both feel strongly about. We have some ideas but want your ideas as well. Please email me the following:
1. What cause is important to you?
2. Why is it important to you?
3. Has it personally impacted your life and how?
4. Add any link, blog, website, pictures, videos, etc. that tell us more about this cause.

This can be ANYTHING important to you, we are open-minded!

Also, we will post a short blurb on this blog, and Facebook, about your cause and then we will have our readers vote! The winning cause will be where we send all donations we get for our wedding.

Please participate, we think this could be loads of fun! Alright, now send those emails people! :)

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Sam said...

That is so awesome! I am very excited to hear about all the ideas as they come through. Youa re truely inspirational to all!