Sweaty Sneakers, I Think Not!


I have soooooo much to blog about this last month!

But I have been even more superer busy than normal this weekend.

Like look at this list of things I HAD  to do:

Walk in the scortching heat, up hills both ways (seriously, both ways!!!) just to go to our town's GINORMOUS Farmer's market!
Seriously,I  had to hit up all FOUR booths...exhausting!

Then I had to walk more, in this deathly heat to the Olde Wheat Barn to do some grocery shopping. It's a healthy-person, my food is holier than thou's, look-how-skinny-I-am persons kind of store. However, I ruined the whole amiance of the place by barging in and asking the clerk if they had chocolate or cookies.


Then I had to call and whine to my friend to please come pick up so I didn't have to walk home and get all sweaty, that's just YUCK!

Then I had to eat an entire package of these cookies I bought and then get my hair cut, which is freakishly short now!

After all of this crazy buziness I had to take like a four hour nap!

I then had to go to dinner with a friend at Chili's, I wanted Applebees but my friend's son, who works at Applebess told us we shouldn't eat there. SKETCHY!

Anyway, had to go to bed at like 8 p.m. and sleep til 7 a.m.


Then church today, three frickin' hours of church, making it through that I so deserved the three hour nap that followed.


So needless to say, I will post later about the rest of July. It's so hard to be this busy!

(P.S. I seriously sweated off like 2 pounds this weekend, cause I had to walk everywhere in the heat, because GQ is on a road trip watching his brother in the Junior Olympics. How dare he leave me to have to walk everywhere. Ugh!

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Katy said...

You make me laugh! Sounds like a hot and tiring, but good weekend.