Could You Please Move That Period Ma'am?

A few ramblings coming right up...

So the other day I was at work, on the phone with someone from across the country. In my very professionally sounding voice I carried on a fairly normal conversation about important businessy-type stuff when the guy on the other end asked, "Are you blind?" I replied in a chipper sorta manner, "Sure Am!" He preceded to tell me, "Wow, but you don't sound like a blind person at all!!!"

What the....???

So this got me to thinkin' bout stuff (I will now start to write with a country accent as I now live in Louisiana...must fit in with culture). I grew up as a blind person, I always thought I was pretty spectacular to be frank! Well, I was told this all the time...because I'm just that awesome I guess!

Anyway, I have always been a high achiever, I've always expected a lot from myseld and my parents always expected a lot from me too.

But there is something I find so buggin...

You are such a great dancer...FOR A BLIND GIRL.
You are doing pretty well with your math...CONSIDERING YOUR BLIND.
You are so pretty....FOR A BLIND WOMAN!
You are such a creative person...ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU'RE BLIND!

While I know that all these comments come to me with the upmost of intentions...I always wish the end of sentences would end in a different place.

Could you please move that period Ma'am?


Becky said...

Agree! Well said.

UPBC: Utah Parents of Blind Children said...

Love this. Validation, yes siree.

Here's another some'n, some'n to write about. Megan won "Student of the Month" this year at her school which is considered a big honor. Her comment on the way out the door after being publicly recognized was, "Mom, do you think I was nominated and awarded because I am blind." Gulp. She heard an earful that evening. You have a 4.0, take all honors classes, have kajillion of friends, your teachers often send emails stating what a joy it is to have you in your class, you are nice to everyone, you go the extra mile in everything, you kick butt at soccer, and oh, yes.. you have an awesome characteristic of blindness.