Bring it on Katie Couric!

D.P. v. K.C.

One of my adoreably sweet students told me that I have this "she demon" that comes out of me sometimes when I'm teaching. I have NO IDEA where she got this from but she is also not the first to use such endeering terms about my charming personality.

I do admit it, I am incredibly passionate about some things (some people call this passion of mine by such terms as moodiness, PMSing, b*^%&ing, etc.). However, I call it passion.

I had this awesome dream last night, awesome in the sense that I was intensely arguing with Katie Couric, whom I adore by-the-way, about Braille Literacy. I know...I'm such a nerd...seriously, it's like dreaming about Pathagaloneus' Theory or something (FYI: I totally just made up that theory). Anyway, I had a dream:

Me: Seriously, Katie! Did you know that literacy rates of blind high school students who began their Braille education at an early age are consistent with those of their sighted peers

Me: And did you also know that visually impaired kids, who only learn large print and no Braille have significantly lower literacy rates.
Me: I was one of those "visually impaired kids who didn't learn Braille and I am pretty bummed about that! Girl, are you catchin' what I'm throwin' down!?!

So are you getting the picture of my dream...I talked A LOT and Katie didn't say much. Until...

Katie Couric: Braille is too hard to learn, large print is better for someone like you who can still see!

Then I was like...UH UH UH, NO YOU DIDN'T and shook my finger at her!

I was so impressive in this dream though...I was throwing out statistics like a mad woman...

Me: Listen, 44 percent of people who learn to read Braille are unemployed, while those who learn to read using large print have a 77 percent unemployment rate. Neither is great but look at the difference in those that learn Braille and those who do not!

Me: and did you know that less than 10 percent of blind kids know how to read Braille...that's not cool!

You're totally immpressed aren't you? I know Katie was. I'm telling you guys I had like 900 more of these statistics...I was like a genius.

Then I woke up!

It was a pretty AWESOME dream...and true as well!


Becky said...

Those are important stats to make others aware of - Signed a grateful employed adult who is stumbling to learn braille.

Anonymous said...

i totally liked your thoughts and you are so right