I recently went to New Orleans to watch my bf run in the Rock and Roll Mardi Gras Marathon! It was his first marathon and he was awesome! I'm super proud of him; I was exhausted just watching

I browse through articles quite often, articles on Blindness and such related shenanigans, but I thought this article was particularly Stylish!
Check it out!

Now if you cheated and didn't really click on the link and read the article then TISK TISK! SHAME ON YOU!

I find this rather sad, that this totally awesome 60 year old, yes I said 60, can't qualify in the triathlon because he has to use adaptive skills to complete the race. Something seems a little wrong, ok A LOT WRONG about this. ANY 60 year old that runs a flippin' triathlon should get credit, no matter what adaptions need to be made!

I don't know about you guys but this guys a freakin' stud! This is what I would look like at the end, if I tried to run a triathlon...
(Picture: Crying baby)

And basically the only thing that would get me to actually run would be this...

(Picture: Hippo chasing a running man)

But if I did run, which I never would, I would certainly wear this get-up...

(Picture: Women in Wonder Woman costume)

The moral of the story: I'm lazy and would never run anything, ever! But this 60 year old blind man is awesomeness on display and he should get credit for it. So let's here it for freaking awesome triathlon man!



Becky said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Love to cycle on a tandem bike (lots of century rides), want to get back running -- only a 5K but I don't think I could handle the swimming part of it. Ran a 1/2 marathon --thought it would be fun for my 40 birthday (a rock n roll one as you describe which does make it fun with the music) but still too long for me. I do admire those that do -- great article.

Kayleen England said...

The picture of that baby is hilarious! I feel just like you, NO THANKS on the running!