Meet Sweet Sophie

A few years back, while doing my internship at the Louisiana Center for the Blind. I met the most terrific 11 years old girl, her name is Sophie and she changed my life!

She beautiful, smart, happy, kind, energetic and BRILLIANT...who just happens to be blind. Sophie is amazing, but not because shes blind, because she excels at EVERYTHING she does. Sophie loves to write, read, play piano and sing. I'll never forget our BUDDY talent show at the end of the program where Sophie sang, "Come to Jesus!" I sobbed.

Meet the lovely Sophie...

If I ever get to have a daughter of my own, he name with be Sophie!


Kayleen England said...

Wow she is amazing! You look so beautiful in that picture! I miss you so much it hurts sometimes!

Becky said...

Sophie you are beautiful and so talented. Thank you so much for sharing.