Race for the Gold/Cancer Research

On Saturday morning, Ike and I woke up bright and early in order to run in the Salt Lake KIDS Marathon! Look at this kids, all decked out in his running gear, what a stud... We got to the Gateway, ate us some Mickey D's (breakfast of champions) and then got ready for the big event! That #341 is a good-lookin kid eh!?!
We finished the race and Ike got this spify medal saying he completed the race! I was so proud of him as he was one of the smaller little dudes there, but he rocked!
The little guy was pretty stoked (other than he had to change his shirt cause the yellow one, "Just didn't fit right!?!" Whatever! Anyway, we had a blast at the race!
Then it was off the planitarium, one our most favoritist places to visit! We checked out all the exhibits (for the 900th time) and then saw Under the Sea in 3D!
Side Note: There was a part in the movie that talked about a blind shrimp and Ike yells out..."Look a blind shrimp like you Aunt Deja, you're like a blind shrimp huh!?!" Well, he's right I suppose, although that's one things I've never been called, "Blidn Shrimp!" I was laughing pretty hard why the rest of the audience looked at me in SHOCK! Funny kid...

Then we made mama a Build-a-Bunny for Mother's Day! Iszacc picked out a cute red dress and some sparly red shoes and Ruby Lou was born! P.S. Don't call it a Build-A-Bear though, it's a Build-A-Bunny...excuse me!
Then it was off to Monsters v. Aliens in 3D! I teach Ike lots of nice things like this...
Then the day ended with a trip to Texas Roadhouse on TRAX. It was a looooooooong busssssssssssssy day. But Ike was not tired he said, not at all....
(That's the little guy sleepin' on TRAX, poor kid!)

Then we enjoyed a Davis Family dinner which pretty much rocked!

It was so much fun to see the whole fam damn family...and the food was pretty splendid as well!
I ended the night with some "Girl's Night" festivities and that conclused the end of the most jam-packed, busy day ever! It was just what I needed!

Below are all the pictures from today's festivites, or you can visit my albums here!


Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

I sure could use a "blind shrimp" auntie like you!! You are so good to your little Ike!

SassaFrass Photography said...

Looks like a fun time!!!!

Cassie said...

What a cute little guy!!! His smile is so sweet. I think Blind Shrimp is not a bad nickname. Kinda cute, really.