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I spend a lot of time "out on the streets" persa (no I'm not homeless, I'm just a cane travel instructor--that would make a great t-shirt!)

Anyway, I am teaching now in a city (whom's initials are SLC, that's all I'm giving you) that hasn't seemed to have seen too many blind people out and about. There has not been a single travel route in the city that I haven't been approached and asked at least one question, if only I could charge a fee for my answers...I'd be rich!

Some questions are asked in sincere curiosity, some out of ignorance and some because, well, I think the person is simply a nut case! But no matter the reason for the questions, they exist. Now this post is not to mock, ridicule or laugh at anyone's expense (well, maybe just a few people's expense). But is meant to give some answers to some mis-guided beliefs about the blind. Now I shall call this little bloggy, blog...

"What to do when you meet a blind person!" (real creative, I know)

Disclosure: This next section is meant to be sheer sarcasm, sheer, meaning don't really do any of this...do the opposite! Whew...I hope I made that clear enough!

1. When you see a blind person, and they look to be lost, please run up to them, grab them, then drag them to the location you think they are intending to go, they love the grab-n- drag!

2. When talking to a blind person, yell loudly in their ear, for we all know blind people's ears do not work!

3. On the other hand, blind people have super-sonic-sonar hearing, they hear EVERYTHING that's why you don't have to yell in their ear, you don't want to mess up that super-sonic-sonar hearing now do you!?!

4. When carrying on a conversation with a blind person, always talk to the sighted person they are with. For example, (to sighted person): "Does she want the number 7 with a coke?" Never talk directly to the blind person...they can't speak either (poor blind people).

5. When a blind person is crossing the street and it looks as though they might veer, run frantically at them while screaming, "You're gonna get killed!" Then sweep them up in your arms and rush them to the nearest safe sidewalk. Very heroic! (true story)

Ok...I know this post is oozing with sarcasm, but I'm only speaking from experience and I'm sure many others will concur.

"D's Advice": If you see a blind person, ask us if we need help and then go from there. The way you would talk to any other person you see on the streets is what you should apply when you meet up with a blind person.

and no...I'm not just carrying my ski pole around the city all day...in case you were wondering!

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Kayleen England said...

Dej, I love this blog. I particularly love this post. I'm proud of you for bringing awareness to those around you. I've known you my whole life and I'm learning great things from this. I am so proud of you and I can't begin to tell you what an amazing person you are. You are my HERO!!!
Love, Kayleen