The New Blue Link

That title can leave a lot up to the imagination...so turn off those wandering minds of yours...

Everyday I talk to people who have a million questions about my blindness, the lives of blind people and sometimes misunderstandings about blindness. So I though it might be fun (for me at least) to start a blog about the stuff that affects my life everyday.

I've been working on it for a while now, hence the blog neglect here (don't call Blogger Services...I'll be better!) This blog will stay up for now, although I've been tossing the idea of dropping this blog altogether, until a girl at Walmart, who I didn't know from Eve, said she loved my blog! What!?! People actually read this!

Anyway, I love to write and so this shall be my outlet...


I hope to make it an educational, yet fun place to learn more about a topic that's dear to me (sounds like a PBS special, I know).

Happy Spring to Everyone!

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