"I Wanna Be Black!"

I change my mind, my hair, my location...a lot, but I've learned some things about me will never change...

Ice cream...oh beloved ice cream...I have always drowned my sorrows and pains over a bowL, cup, cone or carton of ice cream. My mom would feed me ice cream as a kid and all would be well again. I always have believed, and will continue to believe until the end of time, that ice cream can bring world peace (by-the-way, have you tried Ben and Jerry's Whirled Peace ice cream---sensational?)

I've always wanted to be black...still do. Odd, I know, not sure why I have this particular desire but I do and have since I was a wee child. I can't really explain but that's just how I roll, hommies (PATHETIC!)

I am like a teenager for eternity. I always hated cartoons as a kid but loved Saved By the Bell (at like 4 years old people). My sister still won't let me come over and watch TV to this day because it's straight to Disney Channel, I just love "That's So Raven" and "High School Musical" still rocks my socks!

I have "wooden-stick-a-phobia," seriously. I can't eat anything with a wooden stick attached to it, I would rather die! The thought of the soggy, wood-ness in my mouth makes me gag. Popsicles are what they will feed me if I die and go to hell!

Since I was barely able to walk, I loved to dance around the living room...still do. In fact, just yesterday I was dancing my little heart out and smacked my hand on the rotating ceiling fan and cut it open...the BLOOD, sweat and tears of a dancer!



Kathie said...

Just think, now that you are living in Utah again, Leatherby's is within your reach!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Wooden sticks...hilarious! What about soggy sucker sticks? That sounds more disgusting!

Darren and Dianne said...

Deja, you crack me up! I love reading your blog! Makes my day every day hehehe ;)

SassaFrass Photography said...

I love ice cream, Disney anything, Not sure about wanting to be black (never thought it mattered), I love popcicles (wooden sticks you crack me up), and I have nearly broken my hands or feet on everything in my house dancing! I also broke my parents oven door one time when I was gracefully falling in the kitchen and grabbed the first thing near me! Love Dance!

Corinne Adair said...

Hey, I have popsicle stick-a-phobia too! Thinking about those little wooden spoons that come with my pre-package apple sauce sends shivers down my spine! I think its called xylophobia . . . yes it has a name, there are others out there like us! good to know :)