Brown Mexican Jumping Beans...

This post is dedicated to all Mexican Jumping Beans out there and those that love them.

My little sister Ambree is one of my favorite people in the world and one reason is, she is so caring and loving and patient! She teaches special education preschool and is as good at it as anyone I know! She lit up my day yesterday (and had me rolling with laughter) when she shared her day with me and her experience with her little jumping bean, Pablo!

She proceded to tell me how hard of a day she had, the 93 ib. 4 year-old throwing temper tantrums, the 3 year-old boy who never stops talking and the little 3 year old who jumps on top of tables...ok, this caught my attention. What?

Pablo the great! The kid is three and will be sitting on the floor one minute and then suddenly bounce onto the table and other pieces of furniture! In Ambree's words, "I was like, 'What the Hell' I had no idea a kid could jump so high and bounce like that!"

This image was too much for me, I was rolling on the ground laughing.

My sister is my hero because she loves these kids so much and puts all her energy into her job everyday! She reminds me to laugh at life...it's just funny sometimes!

I love you Ambs (and Pablo of course!)

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SassaFrass Photography said...

Having a 3 year old myself, this does not shock me! Pure entertainment!!