I Saw the Sign, O&M Lesson and Treat

S&S Cane Tip #1:

I'm now a boring old PhD student but MAN OH MAN do I love teaching blind kids how to use a cane! Here is a quick tip on a lesson idea and treat to go along with it on street signs and street crossing.

One of my favorite lessons with my young students is talking about street signs. It's important for them to know what each sign means in order to learn how traffic works. I was able to find several real, actual-size street signs, no worries I didn't commit any crimes by doing so, I have a friend who works for a construction company and let me borrow them. :) I laid them out on the ground and we did a scavengar hunt to find them, then the kids got to bend down, feel the shape and side and we would talk about each sign. I loved this lesson and I think the kiddos did too. Tip: We used the gymnasium at the school at a time when it wasn't being used, the weather was too hot at the time but you could also do this outside!

I used real road signs like these:
Street Signs 10In Designer Cut Outs

Here are some fun treats you could make and/or purchase for this lesson. I love a good themed lesson with a treat!

These road sign suckers were a HUGE hit for my students, I also used them as prizes for the rest of the year. They are tactile too so you can feel their shape and the images on them. You can get them here at Orientation Trading Company!
Frosted Street Sign Suckers

Here's one more fun treat for the road sign lesson:

These darling printable cupcake picks can be printed off here! Just cut them out and stick in your favorite kind of cupcake, or healthy treat (heaving forbid...lol). The kids will love them!

Playful Traffic Sign Cupcake Toppers

For the lesson on crossing lighted and unlighted intersections, here is a fun treat to go along with the lesson. I enjoy making treats while talking about topics to try to get on the level of a kid. They LOVED making these stop light brownies and rice crispy treats.

Square rice crispy treats with red, green and yellow m&m's...

Rectangle brownies with red, yellow and green m&m's...


Or if you're a super cool teacher, you could dress up like a stop light (please send me a photo if you do this, I beg of you). They used a cardboard box with head and arm holes with the red, yellow and green dots down the middle.


There you go, a quick tip from S&S! Happy Street Crossings!

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