Just Kiss and Makeup Already!

Ladies, putting on makeup isn’t what we thought it would be when we were little girls, am I right!?! It is time consuming, expensive and tedious after SO MANY years of doing it. BUT it can also be a lot of fun and can run quite smoothly with the right methods and tools. 

When you are blind applying makeup can be a challenge, however it may be much simpler than you think! Here is a list of my favorite six stylish makeup tips for blind women & just women in general:

1. Stop Looking! Even if you have some vision, start using your makeup right away non-visually. My mom is a gem and taught me early on to do my makeup without looking. This has helped me a lot later in life as an adult who is always on the go and does not always have the optimal lighting to apply makeup with a mega-zoom mirror. This is good advice for every woman, not just blind women.
Cosmetic Makeup Zipper Bag Braille Ultra Suede Custom
I found this cute braille makeup bag on Etsy...isn't it cute!?!
2. Tinker with Color! When you are trying out a new color, or are just deciding what color you want to start out with, always have a friend or family member, who will not sugar coat things, tell you what looks good on you and what doesn’t. I have heard others say they go to a makeup counter at a department store; I however have never tried this but hope to someday. Instead, I use my resources, my fashionable friends, who will help me decide which color is best.

Picture: Women's face in rainbow gumballs. Play with color!
 3. Whip out the Wipes! This is a new trick I’ve been using and I love it so far. I don’t know about you, but there are far too many days that I end up with eyeliner or mascara smudges on my face in places mascara and eyeliner shouldn’t be. I have resorted to asking others to check my makeup but this isn’t always possible if you are alone a lot. SO, I tried a new tactic I really like. Once you put on your eye-make up (do this first) then take a makeup remover wipe you can get at any store and wipe around your face except for the parts of your eyes wear makeup should be. This doesn’t work well if you wear foundation but it does get rid of all the black marks and other eye makeup that may have spread. Then you can add blush and lipstick. You can use the wipe to then clean off your brushes when you’re done, throw it away and repeat tomorrow.
Makeup themed cupcakes!!!! Are you kidding me????

4. Don’t lash out on your lashes! When applying mascara, let it dry on your eye lashes before you try to do anything else. TRUST ME. Too many times I have been in a rush to get the rest of my eye makeup done and have smudges on my face because the mascara is still wet. Patience will benefit you!
This is my latest favorite mascara! It makes my lashes look SO long and I love it. You can get this Fleur de Vie mascara here.
5. Plucker up! Shape those Brows. When it comes to plucking your eyebrows, and yes almost EVERYBODY should be doing this, always go to a professional. I have tried, too many times to count, to pluck my eyebrows on my own and they rarely turn out well. It doesn’t cost a lot to go to a salon and get it done and it’s worth the expense. You should go at least every four or so months, unless your eyebrows are super bushy, go more often. My (wimpy) husband said getting his eye brows waxed was worse than getting a tattoo (--he's crazy, it's not that bad). No one likes a uni-brow or bushy eye brows.
If you don't wax, or go to the WRONG salon, you may end up looking like this. Thick brows in the middle, that arch REALLLLLY high and get real skinny on the ends is NOT an acceptable wax job!

6. Have a pretty party! If you are worried about applying makeup, that it will be hard to do or that you will mess up. Go to your local store buy the cheapest version of makeup you can find and some makeup remover wipes then go home and have a makeup fest. Experiment with it, get it all over your face, wipe off and re-apply several times until you feel comfortable. EVEN BETTER, plan a makeup party with your friends and family and experiment on yourself and others or have a makeup consultant like Mary Kay, Fleur De Vie or Avon come and give you tips and help you pick the best colors. Make makeup fun! So there you have it.

How adorable are these makeup sugar cookies!?! 
 Makeup isn’t for everyone, some of you are natural beauties I understand but hopefully you got some new tips to add to your makeup bag. Happy makeup-ing my stylish friends!

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