When a Heart Breaks

There are few things that I know to be absolutely, 100 percent, without a doubt, no-strings-attached TRUE....

I don't normally talk about religion, spirituality, beliefs on this blog but today I feel compelled to do so.

That two thing I know to be true are the strength of the human heart the power of prayer.

In my life I've gone through a lot of heart break in various situations in my life, as have all of you. Our degrees of heart ache vary but we have all been there and once we've been through it it never really leaves us. I believe our heart's are a super strong muscle and can endure much and even can be broken time and time again and yet they still work. I am a firm believe that hearts can literally be broken -- and can just as literally be healed.

It may seem crazy to some but for me, this is what I know. Some pains our so intense that you literally feel your heart break. I woke up this morning in tears, for many reasons but my heart was just hurting for lots of people in my life and for some things in my own life. I turned on Pandora while I cried for a few minutes (I've learned it okay and actually good for me to cry every now and again). A song popped up on Pandora that brought me to my knees, lirerally. I felt this over-whelming spirit of comfort and heart ache fill the room all at once. I'd never heard this song before but it truly touched me so I had to share...

Many times in my life I have been confused about my religious beliefs, where I belong in the scheme or where I attend church or what I believe on various levels and at various times in my life but one thing that has always stood constant. When I pray, it works. I have seen my prayers answered far more times than I ever really deserved. Recently, my mind has been confused but I have tried to focus on the one thing I know for sure, that I CAN pray for comfort and guidance.

The results have changed my world and have helped me realize that the answers will come, that I need to pray more for others than myself and that no matter how full your head is, there is comfort in prayer or conversation with whom/what ever guides your life.

When a heart breaks, it will heal. Not today but it will. When you don't know what else to do, pray, seak guidance in whatever it is you choose to seak guidance in. I don't know a whole lot, but this I am certain of.

Photo: Prayer, the world's greatest wireless communication.

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