I Vow...

I have been wanting to hang our wedding vows up for a while now. I think it's a fun reminder to walk past them and remember why we got married and what we promised each other. I thought I would share them with you all, just for fun. I will post a picture of the wall art I did with them later today...

Deja, since the first time I saw you, you have always been able to make my heart skip a beat or two. I couldn’t even think straight the first time I saw you (and as you know I still can’t). I still get giddy simply thinking of you. I love how you make me want to be a better person and you challenge me to do so, while always believing in me just as I believe in you. I love your drive and passion that you put into everything you do and I promise to follow that example in our life together. I look forward to being with you through all the good times and the bad. I am so excited to experience all the great things that we will accomplish together over the years to come. I promise to always be your biggest fan and to dance with you in the kitchen. Lastly, I want you to know that I will always give you everything I have in me for as long as God allows me the honor and privilege to do so.

Lucas & Deja

Est. March 4, 2011

Lucas, we first met on our first day of graduate school in a counseling psychology class none-the-less. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight but I certainly thought you were quite handsome. However, it didn’t take long to realize how special you are. I remember calling my mom and telling her about you and how I couldn’t stop thinking about you. It was a time in my life I wasn’t exactly looking for love; in fact I was still recovering from one of the most difficult times of my life. I distinctly remember one night, early in our relationship, while on my knees praying, hearing clear as day that you were sent to me as a gift!  And a gift you have truly been. The toughest part of our relationship was your deployment to Iraq; we shared some of our darkest days during this time. We shared several conversations about the fact that our relationship would never be the same after Iraq, and it hasn’t been; everything has been better. Butterflies are the theme of our wedding day because they remind me of a quote that reflects the journey we’ve been on together, “Just when the caterpillar thought its life was over, it became a butterfly.” There is no question that I love you with everything I have but even more important than that is the fact that, for the first time in my life, I love myself. I’m at last a butterfly and you encourage me to fly! There are a million gifts you’ve given me, and these are just a few: You believe in me, truly believe in every hope and dream I have. You make me laugh when I don’t feel like laughing. You encourage me. You stop me when I’m getting too worked up and dance with me in the kitchen or take me to the park to swing. You love me and everyone you meet with the most unconditional love. I promise you that every day you will know how much I love you. I promise I will always encourage you in your hopes and dreams. I promise we will always keep Christ the center or our relationship. I promise not matter where you go or what you do I will always be here for you. I promise I will love you with every ounce of energy I have, and I will never take you, my gift, for granted. I love you more today than yesterday and I will love you more tomorrow. You will forever be my Sweet GQ, my favorite gift of all!

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