Look at me Organize: Part 1

I have been an organizing fanatic this weekend!
I love organizing, it calms me down a lot. I know, weird right!?!

I found this FABULOUS blog all about organizing and this woman
is freaking spectacular at it. Her home is my dream home, everything is
SOOOO perfectly in place, and labelled, so jealous! If you want to
feel like a total slacker in the organization department check her out:
iheartorganizing.blogspot.com, she has some awesome ideas.

She told me (on the blog of course) to just take one room a month.
That was such a relief because I was like panicking thinking, where
the heck do I even begin?

I decided to start with our den/guest room/GQ's closet it's a mess
really. It is trying to be 3 different things at once, poor thing. It's confused.

The first thing I started with was the desk. Our large desk drawer
was INSANE. I mean so. much. crap. It kind of made me have an
anxiety attack every time I opened it. So I started there.

I wish I had a before shot but here is the after shot...

The first thing I did was throw away a TON of stuff. I am so paranoid
about becoming a hoarder. So now the drawer has...
Lots of note cards (it's clear hubby and I were both Grad students, we had a lot of these)
A roll of packaging tape and a roll of duct tape.
A three hole punch (possibly my favorite thing cause I love to binder-ize EVERYTHING).
A stapler.
Two pairs of glasses I'm SUPPOSED to wear but don't really.
A small basket I cal. my braille basket that has several Slates and Styli, dymo tape,
bump dots and a signature guide.
And last but not least, a pair of sleep shades. (GQ likes to walk around once in a while with them on...whatever).

I love it, so neat and organized. Now who wants to place bets on how long this will last?

Last night, I had dreams about organizing, I'm so lame right!?!
Well, I dreamed that I had these darling little boxes, in bright colors for all my little desky items like
paper clips, staples, thumb tacks, photo cards and flash drives, you know the little stuff that just floats around everywhere.

So I woke up sad, that I didn't have said tiny boxes. Then, LIGHT BULB, I have a ton of  paper why not just make them myself. I had heard of people making origami boxes but I've never really been
interested, until TODAY. I'm so random sometimes.
So I found a great blog that taught me how, or tried to anyway. You can find it here.

I had a hard time following the directions, there a lot of pictures. My hubby wasn't thrilled when I asked him to stop playing his computer game and help me make one, but he did it like a good hubby. Once he made one it was easy for me to feel how it's done and I was fine after that. So look what I made for my little desk stuff...

I think they turned out so cute. One is blue, on red, one green and one yellow, all in different sizes (that kind of happened on accident)  Now the last touch...
I freaking love labels, love them! I got out my handy dymo tape to start brailling to my heart content when I got a FUN idea. I decided instead of labels I would put the actual item that was in the box on the box then I could just feel the item and know; I think it turned out quite cute.
So the staples have a row of staples glued on top, the paper clips a GIANT paper clip...you get the picture.
So there you go, tactile labels.
Fun right?

I started on the closet too but that's going to be a week or so project in and of itself, hubs is not organized at all. Don't worry he's going to be so excited when he sees that I color coordinated all his clothes for him in the morning. *grin*

Happy Organizing All!

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