Fun, Fabulous and 50...

I was able to go home for the holidays and was able to leave a little bit early to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday!
My little sister and I have been planning this for a while and wanted to make it super special, after all we have a great mom!

My mom is a humungo Betty Boop fan. She has loved her since as long as I can remember, she has a Betty Boop shrine in her home for heck's sake. So a Betty Boop Diva themeed party seemed perfect!

Many of the items for the party were hand made, we wish we could have spent a trazillion dollars on a fun party but so tried to be crafty and still classy. So I wanted to show you how it all came together, you ready...

The Treat Table

Sucker displays I mad with wrapping paper, a foam cube, ribbon and buttons.
Cute suckers from Oriental Trading Company

Cute cookie display. Red and hot pink sugar cookies from Reams bakery in Magna, Utah.

"Still a Hot Tamale" candy display.

Big Red gum vase and Cherry display.

The cookies were so pretty and even more delicous!

Betty's Bar was a huge hit throughout the night! ;)

We also had a fun Betty Boop Kissing Booth

Candy wax lips for some HOT pictures!

We also had lips and a stick for more red hot photo ops...

The kissing booth was also equipped with paper and pens to write sweet notes to the birthday girl...

And of course there was food and lots of it...

Lots of fun was had by all, especially the birthday girl!

Happy Birthday to one terrific mom! Muah!

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