Shake it like that...

Teachers, here is a little acronymn I came up with to help my little ones remember the rules of the cane. We are working on memorizing it right! One of my little guys even has some dance moves to go along with it, it's pretty cute!

I know it's not a complete list of EVERYTHING you should think about with your cane, but it's some of the most important in my book!
Always remember to


when using the cane…

Swing wide.

Hold it in the middle.

Always Use It!

Keep tapping.

Every time, in-step.

nbsp;Once all (7) of my kids have it memorized we get to have an Ice Cream SHAKE party! The sweets lover that I am, this motivates me as a teacher, truly! :)



Sam said...

Can I be in your class??? PAHLEESE?? Shakes and cupcakes... oh my! Your class sound delicious!

talks_to_kitties said...

nothing beats a shake!! :)