Some brains are just bigger than others'...

Sometimes I just have to sit down and dump my brain out on this blog because my head gets too full of stuff!

I have a ginormous brain but  a small head so it gets complicated...

We, hubby and I, have been trying to make a big decision about where we are going to live. Stay where we are? Buy a house now? Rent for one more year? etc. etc. It's so tough being a grown up! :(

We found a townhouse for rent that we loved! It was cute, and spacious and in a good area but in the end we turned it down because we wouldn't be able to save much while living there to actually buy a house in about a year. It would our first big decision as a married couple. I'm proud of us for being responsible though and not just getting it because it was so pretty, like I usually do when I see cotton candy, it's so pretty looking so I buy it, even though it's not that good, ok, it is good, I lied, it's delicious.

Anyway, I'm so hungry! I wish I had a cheeseburger right now!

Why are the walls in my office practically bare? I have no picture, nothing. It's so boring in here, so unlike my normal decorating habits.

Should I go to Baton Rouge with my hubby for military stuff or stay home and re-arrange my furniture like I usually do? If I had that big townhouse I could rearrange it in so many more cooler ways.

I think Crocs are so fugly. I know they're comfy and all (so I've heard) but they are just so weird looking.

Man, I hope I don't offend people with that last comment.

I miss my kids. They are on spring break, I am not!

GQ and I both got a new pair of shoes this past weekend. Mine are these darling black pumps, his some really expensive trail running shoes. When we bought them and brought them home we both sat on the floor sniffing them for like 20 minutes...is that weird? Hmmm....

I really want a pink cookie sheet to match my pink apron. Then I could bake cookies and look super cute doing it, but then again I never bake cookie, but I could pretend for pictures for this blog so I look really domestic.

Subway has really good cookies.

I still dream of living in New York City in a cute little apartment wearing designer shoes all over town.

My heart rate is super fast, in comparison to my husband at least. On average, it beats 102 beats a minute, that's horrible! My husbands is around 50.

I think nap time should be a part of every work day.

Man, I wish I had a cheeseburger right now!

-Aren't you glad I shared this all with you? Of course you are because these are totally inspiring thoughts. You're welcome!

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