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After more votes than we ever anticipated, we Lucas and Deja, and thrilled to announce the winner of our Wedding Charity Contest, What Inspires the Soul to the Jerry Seilhan Memorial Scholarship!
It was a lot of fun and we are glad that we didn't have to choose because each of these charities holds a special spot in our hearts and would help a variety of our friends and family members. We are grateful more and more every day for such loving, giving, kind people in our lives.

A little note about the winning charity...

Miss Dianne (as I so lovingly call her), who works in my office and who is truly one of the kindest people I have ever known, lost her husband in 2010 pretty suddenly after complications with lung cancer. I didn't personally get to meet her sweet Jerry but I feel like I did know him after hearing from EVERYBODY how wonderful of a man he was! He was a local high school football coach here in Louisiana and left a lasting impact on a lot of lives as a teacher and coach but most importantly a husband, dad and grandfather. I see it everyday is Miss Dianne's eyes how much she misses her sweet husband!

We couldn't be happier that this wonderful scholarship was chosen as the charity of choice. The number were HUGE for this cause and they deserve a little shout out for making such an amazing effort to vote and vote often!

Congratulations to Dianne and her family and the lucky student who gets to be part of the Jerry Seilhan Memorial Scholarship Program.

Ways to support this cause will come soon, so stay posted! I know after the holidays is tough, but I hope you can dig deep and give a little to this great cause!

Thanks for everyone's votes and participation in this fun little project of our!

Much Love,

Deja & Lucas

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Dianne Seilhan said...

Deja, you and Lucas are such wonderful people to think of others. I am crying right now and probably should have waited to write something, but I just want to say thank you so very much for your caring hearts. I'll write more later and will work on a blog for Jerry's Scholarship.
Love you much!