Beauty and the Braille

Do you remember the library from the movie, Beauty and the Beast?

Picture Description: Library from the movie Beauty and the Beast with shelves all the way to the ceiling.
It was magnificent! Even to someone like me who hated reading at the time, you still couldn't help but be in Awe!

I hope someday to have a braille book collection like this one!

I found a couple of great sites (thanks to my top notch friends) where you can purchase braille books at fairly manageable prices.

Go to The National Braille Press  or here, The Braille Bookstore, oh and/or here, Seedlings!

You will luvvv them all! :)

So when I was looking for the picture of Belle's library, up popped some pictures of Belle. Ok, first off, BY FAAAAAAAAAARRRR my favorite princess (no offense to the other princesses).

Main reason...her dress! Have you seen this thing. STUNNING! Seriously!
Picture Description: Belle is her Yellow Dress

You prob. already all know, but I'm a sucker for yellow! The yellow ruffles at the bottom, the off-the-shoulder sleeves, the form-fitting bodice, the red rose as an accent. BREATHTAKING! So red carpet ready
and timeless. Best dressed of forever, for sure!

While I'm on the topic of style (after all this is slate and STYLISH) can I just put on my fashion police hat for a sec, k. thanks.

 Cinderella! For reelzeeeees, we all know your hot and blonde, and prince's love blondes but your dress is just so overdone. EVERYONE wears this for Halloween at least once in their life. It's just getting boring! Also this blue scarfy/sashy, looking bubble thing around your waste just does NOT flatter your hips, they look ginormous! And the puffy sleeve, seriously? That was so 1980! Time to update the drobe Cin! The glass slippers are pretty fantastic though!
Picture Description: Cinderella in her blue ball gown.

And as for you miss Jasmine. Can we say SKANKY! Sheesh put on some clothes and then I'll talk about them. So immodest! But those earrings are HOT!

Snow White (sigh). Where do I begin. Seriously Red, blue and yellow? I wore these colors once to dance class and looked and the mirror and about cried, I looked awful. Barf! The one thing about this outfit you've got going for ya is that collar. The tall, high Queen Elizabeth collar is so in right now, cute! I'm not even going to mention those sleeves....next!

And last, but not least, Sleeping Beauty. You all know I looooooooooooovvvvveeee me some pink! Super cute! But what's with the jagged edge at the top of that stunning skirt? I can look past that though. But I am really bugged that I can't see your shoes, I'm hoping it is a hot pink heel with a little glitter. And you're wearing your tiarra? Honestly? You don't have to wear it everywhere. Such a snob!
Picture Description: Aurora in her pink ball gown.
Alright. Now that I just went on some long, random tangent on the Disney Princesses (what the heck was that all about?)

I feel better for some reason.

 Goodbye friends, don't forget to be stylish!

P.S. When are we going to be able to start using canes that match? I'm wearing all black and red today and the white cane just takes away from the whole look of the outfit. We need some canes with STYLE!


Anonymous said...

Deja, I love you!
Dianne Seilhan

Cindi said...

That was and awesome entry! I too love the library! Yes the blue Cinderella dress is over done, but the wedding dress is beautiful! I totally agree about snow white!

Becky said...

I'm with you - that would be amazing to have canes that matched our outfits!

Daisy said...

NBP is a great site. They even have new releases as they're released - no waiting for the Braille version! Braille takes up a lot of space, though. Amigo (my 19yo) has a bookshelf full in his room and the entire Harry Potter series in the attic.