3. The Jerry Seilhan Memorial Scholarship

"The JERRY SEILHAN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND because he was the best teacher ever. He really cared about students and wanted them to succeed. He encouraged them to go to college and did everything he could to make that happen. If any of you knew Coach Jerry Seilhan, please tell a story about how he influenced your life for the better."

"I wanted to add my thoughts about donating the money to the Jerry Seilhan scholarship fund, Deja. Jerry was one of the most caring teachers God ever designated to that career. He was patient with the students most had already given up on...".

Jerry died of lung cancer this year, in 2010.

You can find out more about Jerry and the scholarship program in his name by emailing Dianne here.

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Gina said...

Jerry Seilhan, "Coach", was an awesome individual. He was unique in his teaching methods, in a way that most students will never know. He cared about each and every student....deep down to the soul cared. He put forth the extra effort to make sure that we all understood the subject matter. And we put forth the extra effort to learn because of him.

The words that come to mind most when I think of him are Love, Respect, and Gratitude.

Coach, if you can read blogs in Heaven.....Thank You!

Regina 'Gina' Hymer Baker