Plane Aggravation

I lurve when I get to travel through an airport because without fail, it gives me something to blog about; this last weekend was no exception.
Number of times I heard, "Are you traveling alone (insert distraught/perplexed look here)?"


Now I have become a little less confrontational in my old age. A little. But then there are some things that just make me loose my freaking mind!

As I'm boarding my flight I hear behind me...
Flight Attendant: "Can she find her way to her seat?" 

Guy behind me: "Uhhhh...ummmm...I don't....uhhh..."

Me: Excuse me ma'am but this guy has no clue who I am!
Flighty: You are traveling alone?

Me: Yes ma'am and I indeed can find my seat,

Flighty: Are you sure? Are you 100 percent sure!?!

Me: (losing it internally but staying calm on the outside) Yep.

A few minutes later...

Flighty: Miss you can not put your cane there (cane is laying flat against the console of the plane, not blocking an exit and comfortably located where it has always been on the batrillion other flights it's been on).

Me: Why can't I keep it there? I always put it there.

Flighty: Does it fold or collapse?

Me: Nope.

Flighty: Are you sure it doesn't? I don't like it there.

Me: I'm sorry you don't like it there but that's where it goes.

Flighty: (just huffs off)

A minute later...Plane is rather empty so I move to the empty row in front of me leaving my cane where it is at, just slightly behind me now.

Me: Listening to my boyfriend Justin T. on the iPod. Look up, notice Flighty carrying my cane down the isle.  


Flighty: "Oh sweetie I am just putting it in the overhead bin for you. I have been a flight attendant for 15 years, I know how this stuff works!"

Me: "I really don't mind that you want to put my cane in the overhead bin but I do mind that you just took something of mine without asking or telling me. I think that's quite rude!"

Flighty: "Sorry but I just know what do with it after all these years!"

Me: "What would you do if I just walked up took your bag and put it somewhere without asking you?"

Flighty: "It's not the same thing. This is how I always do it."

Me: "Well I think the way you handled this is quite rude and completely disrespectful."

Flighty: Slams shut the overhead bin (clearly aggravated with me).

Me: Return to JT and do some breathing excersizes.

Ok, so there's not really a climax and I didn't say out loud what I was thinking, I tried to remain professional about things. It was so super hard!

Oh yeah, I didn't get any peanuts or soda! :(


Perfect in Imperfection said...

I am sorry, Deja... but I just have to laugh! It's no different than taking public transportation half the time... and the Greyhound? Don't get me started!

Becky said...

Oh my goodness! These things just don't cease to amaze me. Your birthday post is super touching and inspiring. Thanks for sharing.