The Sneakerlicious Good Life

Life is good in Louisiana.

I am enjoying being around my "second family" here, around people who have really shaped my life and continue to leave lasting impacts on me! I'm lucky!

I love my little house. It's quite cute and in a little country neigborhood...very different from my apartment in the city...but nice (real pics soon).

I love the food! I mean LOVE the food here in Louisiana! I have missed it so very much. I am eating my fair share of veggies, all be it they are deep fried, of course everything here is deep fried!

The weather is nice here. No rain. Just massive amounts of humidity, or as a friend of mine told me, his old school teacher called it humility...seems fitting! :)

My new job has been good, although I have a super lot to learn! But I really like the people I work with and that makes me excessively happy.

As you all know...or may not know...I'm petrified of talking on the phone. It's a deep-seeded phobia, so please don't take it personally. Plus I got this new phone and it's beyond me as to how you use it. To the person who texted and said I've been sending blank text messages all day...I apologize! Because I'm awful at updating people via phone, this is why I will to try and keep up my blog.

Life is good in Louisiana.

I'm happy and well and it's pretty great getting to go on some REAL dates and spend some time with THIS guy...

What a HOTTIE! ;)

Life is good in Louisiana!

P.S. I'm dying to get a tadem bike to ride around town, cause I miss riding a bike more than anything! So here are a couple of options...

or this dual purpose beauty...I could stay on my bike ALL day...
Just some ideas.

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The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Holy crud...deep fried Twinkies?! That sounds heart attackin' good!