Is Love Logical or Emotional?

I'm going to be very honest in this post that hits a shakey subject for me, my love life.

When I met my ex-husband Zach he seemed like the most logical pick for me. Sure I loved him but it seemed so logical at the same time, I was a 21 year old woman living in Utah, and he a preisthood baring, church going, home teaching, return missionary. We would be married in a beautiful temple and have the most adoreable kids ever after a year or so of marriage. On paper, it was perfection!

He was my logical love.

Now, I'm dating GQ...on paper it doesn't seem to fit at all. He's a southern boy who loves going to a Baptist church, has tattoos, and lives thousands of miles away. But he is the most sexy, sweet, attentive, smart, ambitious, loving person I've ever known. On paper it looks hopeless...

He's my Emotional Love.

I love GQ more than I thought I could ever love somebody, we've been through a lot together, like a deployment to Iraq and a long distance relationship most of our courtship. When I'm around him I feel like I'm in heaven! He hugs me or holds me close and I feel like I will melt to the floor. When he calls my heart jumps out of my chest. And his kisses...oh golly gee...his kisses are WAAAY better than the finest chocolate I've ever eatin'! Sappy, I understand , but the point I'm trying to make is when a talk to someone about the logic of us, it seems impossible or ridiculous to attempt to try, but I can't explain the other side.

Is there someone out there who can be perfect in my heart and on paper, perhaps, but what it I never feel the way I feel about GQ again? Is there another love out there that feels this phenominal?

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