Car Selling Dude...

Ok, I have the RADDEST friends ever! This lady...with the heart I drew around he head...we will call her Pippy (that's just an awesome name I just made up!)is one of my favorite chicks on the planet (maybe even the universe). She went with her son to look for him a car, and while I wasn't there, I imagine the conversation went something like this:

Car Selling Dude: Ok, well I've shown you a few cars now, how about looking at one of our Hybrid cars?

Pippy: A Hybrid car? Pshhhh, I don't think so! Do you know that those cars aren't safe for the blind, they're too quiet, they can't hear them and because of that they're to $%^& dangerous! You need to tell those Hybrid Maker People that their cars are a hazzard. So no I don't want to see a #$&% Hybrid car!

Car Selling Dude: Okkkk, nevermind ma'am, sorry for even mentioning it!

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Brian said...

I had a cane broken by one of those quiet cars, right here in Ruston. Scared me. Good thing the driver felt terrible and bought me a new one. We had a short conversation about the dangers of hybrids to the blind population.