Color My Dreams...

Sometimes the days just seem REALLY CRAPPY! You know those days...those horribly, no-good, awful kinda days. Well, due to a few of those as of late I made a plan...

I started a project called, "D's Dreamin" Here is were a collection of photos and stories will exist to remind me of what dreams I have for myself...the trick is...that everyday I have to write on the page something I will do the next day to help me make that particular dream a REALITY. (I know it sounds a little Oprah-esk, but we all need a little Oprah in our lives...don't we!?!)

So here are a few things in Deja's little dream book...

I'd like to be Martha Stewart (minus the un-coolness and bad taste in clothing), I would love to go back to school for an interior design degree. I love decorating but just can't quite get it right.
Love--you know the kind where you end up cuddling in a hammock, wrinkle to wrinkle, denture to denture.
I wanna be a golden blurb in the crowd at a Steelers game...waving my terrible towel and freezing my batoot off in frigid Pittsburgh, stuffing my face with nachos and a D.P.--the life!
Apple sharing, I'd like to do it with a little one of my own one day, I'll the take the poopy diapers and temper tantrums and all...if not who will take care of me when I'm old, in my hammock making-out with daddy!?!
Fiji! I have dreamed of going to Fiji, snorkeling in Fiji, sun batheing in Fiji, cleaning toilets in Fiji! I don't care, I just would love to go to Fiji!
This is Jennifer Rothschild, she is a motivational speaker who I saw in Louisiana at a Women's Conference about a year ago. I have always wanted to do some motivational speaking but the day I saw her at First Baptist Church, it didn't stay a "want to" it became a "had to". Thanks Jen!
This shall be my view from my Penthouse Loft in THE NYC! I am a "wanna be" city girl and while I'm grateful for living in the SLC, my heart LONGS for the NYC (and Ruby Foos--a devine asian restraunt off of Broadway)
"The dream was always running ahead of me. To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the miracle." -Anais Nin


The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Deja, you're so sweet! You will have all those cute and fun things and more because you work harder than anyone to get it and you will appreciate it more!

Corinne Adair said...

From one wanna-be-city-girl to another: Loved the list! I can relate to the Martha Stewart envy too. The golden blur is not necessarily one of my big desires, but I don't hold it against you.

Chad and Melissa said...

I want to be a golden blur at a game as well- it would be so much fun. Take it from someone who has been to Fiji- definately go when you can. It was awesome!