Leap Lightly...

As a dancer,
I've spent many of my days leaping.
To leap takes some flexibility, strength of the leg muscles and
a running start.
It's not known to be a dangerous feat but when it's done gracefully,
it's often quite impressive.

As a woman,
I have done some leaping in my life.
I've come to a crossroads where it's time to decide whether to leap...
This time its a leap of faith, a leap of trust.
I'm not sure if the strenght is available, if the flexibility exists,
and I'm not too sure it will be all to graceful.
The problem is the running start, I have to run to take the leap.
Why is it so hard to run, after all, I've leaped my whole life.
It should come naturally right!?!

I suppose after a few failed landings it's difficult to leap...


Kathie said...

You were always a beautiful leaper. I know you can do it! I love you!

Shane and Jamie Smith said...

Hi Deja- Just stopped by to say hello!! Love the last post!! You never really can experience life without a true leap of faith!!! Thanks for encouraging words!!!

Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

You always keep us guessing, I hope your news is that your are moving close to me, that would be fantastic!