Time is SubLime...

These Small Hours...
By: Deja Marie

Hours go by or they linger on forever, or what may seem like forever.
Another day, another chance to walk away
or stay;
Stay and take a chance, steal a glance or stop and dance.
Time is small when you really stop and stare.
You'll find out soon, when the "Good Byes" come too much and you
tremble at the thought that your again may never touch.
The tears fall and your gently reminded of the shortness of time,
the hands that define where stop and refine.
But the hands still move, and when they get to tweleve,
it will start again.
We see the hours are small, but it was meant to be this way
to remind us that a day is not meant to pass away.
The small seconds on the clock where meant for BIG things. We can't regret the past, or a chance we might have passed or dream we could have had.
Our lives are make for THESE small hours...


Kathie said...

You are such a beautiful writer. I love reading your writings.

Crystal said...

I love this song! I cry when I listen to it at the end of Meet the Robinsons.