My Red Valentine...

Ok, it's a little past Valentine Day...a lot past and I'm not a real mushy, mushy kinda girl but I had to send a small shout out to my sweet GQ....

The top 10 things I love about you...

10. How you just laugh at me when I do silly (stupid) things like open my gigantic umbrella in your car while your driving blocking your view or when I try and do back flips and hurt myself or...well you get the picture.

9. That you will eat my cooking, even a salty cheesecake (vanilla cannot be that important of an ingredient, or can it!?!)

8. That you take my trash out under sleepshades so you can learn cane travel too. Even if you already got busted once by some random stranger for cheating! :)

7. That you plan the funnest dates for us like go-cart racing, rock climbing and hot balloon rides...You always leave me on my toes!

6. How you end every conversation or point you are trying to make with, "It's true, they did a study on it!" (Psychology majors scare me!)

5. That you try and get me to eat healthy but always end up failing miserably...but you try so hard, I love that!

4. That you'll sit and listen to me talk about how great my dad was ALL THE TIME and never complain.

3. The times we spend laughing til our stomach's hurt at the crazy things we did throughout the day...ok when I say we I mean me!

2. The little braille notes you leave me and your funny little art projects dedicated to me...I'm never sad for too long with you!

1. That you remind me how important it is to laugh and enjoy life...even on those rough days when you wake up late, you run into a sign, get your cane ran over by a semi, get lost for three hours, a car blows up in your front yard and then you burn dinner (true story!)

Your the best GQ and I wish always cherish the smiles you've brought me no matter where we go from here! Happy Valentines Day!


SassaFrass Photography said...

Wow, he sounds like a great guy Deja! I wish you all the happiness in the world and hope you are doing well!

Nika, Travis, Ayda and Zander said...

He sounds like a keeper! Hope life is going well, Travis Ayda and I always pray for you and your happiness. Hugs and Kisses!

Kayleen said...

Oh, I love you!! I am so happy to hear how happy you are. I am so grateful you found Lucas. Please tell him thank you from me for taking care of you. I know that I don't have to worry that much about you anymore when I know you're with him. I know you're tough and I shouldn't worry, but hey your my favorite. Love you tons!! Kayleen :)